Preparing organizations for an
Everything-as-a-Service world


Core is a non-partisan, member-driven association that helps organizations manage service arrangements of all kinds. The ultimate goal is for members to gain value from their service arrangements by being better prepared, better educated and better informed. Core provides Executive Education, Networking and access to current research and white papers on sourcing and service arrangements.

A recent shift in management led Core to move towards a rebrand and revamp of their website. ROYALTRI conducted a full audit to properly understand the business and identify the context for a rebranding solution.


ROYALTRI was cautious not to alienate Core’s existing clientele and therefore chose to evolve and modernize the company’s existing brand visuals.

The new Core logomark consists of four merging streaks that represent the company’s fundamental courses that work as individual units. The movement in the logomark represents change and progress, but the contemporary logotype communicates the company’s stature and stability through evolution.

The new brand colours are more aligned with Core’s positioning strategy and were chosen to reflect the qualities and values the company wanted to highlight, such as integrity and innovation.


ROYALTRI designed new business cards, an event flyer and a Certificate of Completion for graduating students all with the new branding to achieve greater consistency across the company’s marketing materials.

Core’s new branding is now featured on its partners websites: Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management and Deloitte. The stronger visual identity has led to greater brand awareness and more effective and efficient communications through consistent use of brand elements.


The Core website was built on their existing SilkStart CMS since certain functionalities such as invoicing and course management were already fully integrated into the company’s day-to-day operations.

When updating the website, ROYALTRI was faced with the challenge of having limited access to the code and minimal flexibility for customization within the SilkStart framework.

By adapting original strategies, ROYALTRI managed to reorganize the information architecture on the Core website and consolidate sections for an improved user experience.

The Core website is now fully cross-browser compatible, mobile-responsive and optimized for SEO.

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